Here at The Meat Shoppe we are ready to work with the customer to ensure they are completely satisified with their purchases. This includes custom cut steaks, storemade sausage and quick grab-and-go products.

We showcase an ample variety of pork that is safe and always fresh. Our sausage counter includes such variety of Spinach and cheese, Sweet and Spicy, Honey Garlic, Hot, Medium, Mild, Mexican, Oktoberfest and Barbeque. Not only do we have these fresh and daily made sausages but anything from pork loin roasts to centercut pork chops are available.

Our hormone and antibiotic-free chicken is always fresh and never frozen. We also have stuffed chicken breasts which include such flavours as Roasted Red Pepper, Cranberry Goatcheese, Asparagus and Swiss and Spinach and Feta. Chicken Souvlaki and lemon-herb and buffalo wing marinated chicken breasts are also a top seller. From bone-in chicken breasts to whole chickens, we are prepared to work with the customer's desires and ensure top satisfaction.

Our triple AAA beef is always fresh and can be cut to any specifications desired. Our butchers are always prepared to work with the customer whether it be a desired thickness or cut of meat. Anything from Prime Rib roasts to Striploin steaks, is typically available daily. 

Any questions or something you do not see on our website? Give us a call at 905-357-5477 or email us at and we would be happy to do our best to try and answer.