Value $575.00  FOR ONLY $499.99

Small Freezer Pack
10lbs T­bone and Sirloin Steaks
10lbs. Roasts
10lbs Ground Beef
5lbs Pork Chops
5lbs PorkBack Ribs
5lbs Store made Sausage Links
5lbs Chicken Breasts
5lbs Store sliced Bacon 
10lbs Store made Hamburg Patties 
3 kg All Beef Wieners

* Substitutions can be made
* We custom cut, wrap & fast freeze to your specifications

Custom Deli Package

Sliced and created by the staff at The Meat Shoppe we offer customer customizable meat and cheese trays for parties. Just meat, cheese or a combination of both is all available and would be created around the specifications that is desired by the
customer. Benchmark tray ideas include:

Small deli tray which feeds about 15 people: $60.00 plus tax

Large deli tray which feeds about 25 poeple: $75.00 plus tax


Roast Beef and Gravy

Roast beef and gravy trays that are made in store to your choosing!
A 5 pound tray makes approximately 20-25 sandwiches.
However, customization is possible for whatever the customer desires so please call for all price inquiries and we will be happy to help! Amazing for parties and feeding groups of people.

BBQ Package

A complete package great for the BBQ this Summer!

Only $379.99


16 x 10oz Striploin steaks
1 Box Storemade burgers
3 kg Box of all beef hot dogs
24 storemade sausage of your choice

*No Substitutions*  

Storemade Lasagna

In Store Made Lasagna with meat and Ricotta Cheese. An excellent meal for a family at home and can be ordered to your specifications as well. Not cooked but never frozen, it can be oven baked and ready for dinner. Contact us at 905-357-5477 or at our shop email at